The Huxford Genealogical Society, Inc. was formed in 1972 when Judge Folks Huxford called a group of genealogy friends together for the purpose of forming a Society.  Judge Huxford was at that time 78 years of age with failing eyesight and health. He was born and lived in Homerville, Clinch County, Georgia his entire life .
Judge Huxford was a historian, author, and Clinch County Probate Judge. From early childhood, he had a keen interest in the pioneer families of South Georgia and spent much of his time going from home to home talking to these old pioneers and collecting their family histories.  He kept copious notes on handwritten cards that formed the nucleus for his seven volumes of Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia as well as the additional four volumes published after his death.  The new volumes of Pioneers of the Wiregrass continue to draw on his original works.  Judge Huxford was awarded Fellow, American Society of Genealogists.
    The idea of a library evolved when Judge Huxford offered his lifetime collection of books, files and handwritten notes to the newly formed Society as well as the use of his guest house to house the collection.
     The library has been blessed with the gifts of books from authors and members of the Society who helped the library grow.  In addition to the family history, immigration and state books, you will find information to assist you in joining Lineage Societies such as DAR, SAR, DAC, Colonial Dames, XVIIC, UDC,  Mayflower Society, etc.  A number of self-help books, genealogical periodicals and magazines are also found in the collection.
    The steady growth of the library made it necessary to soon move to a larger location and then into the Homerville Municipal Complex where it is located today in the newly renovated and enlarged quarters in the west wing of the building.

      In 2009, Elmer C. Spear, founder and owner of Elmer's Genealogy Library in Madison, Florida approached his friend, E. L. "Boe" Williams long time Chairman of the Huxford Society, with the idea of merging the two libraries.  Mr. Spear was looking for a permanent home for his beloved library. 
     Mr. Spear, a successful business owner who had retired to Madison from Tampa in the 1980's, began building his library.  What started as a small collection of genealogical resources led to a library of over 26,000 books and almost 4000 rolls of microfilm and several hundred sheets of microfiche.  In addition, there were about 14,000 files on families in South Georgia and North Florida.
    In 1999 Mr. Spear was named Florida Genealogist of the Year by the Florida Genealogical Society.  In 2003, he received the Distinguished Service Award from the Federation of Genealogy Societies.
    With the merger of the two libraries, the Huxford-Spear Genealogical Library is now one of the largest privately owned libraries in the United States.
    Today, the combined efforts of these two men can be found in the Huxford-Spear Genealogical Library along with the personal collections of:

                    E. L. "Boe" Williams                                 Lillian McRee
                    Paul and Mary Burkhart                         Rollin Clayton
                    John Cloyd                                                 Joseph Eichelberger
                    Mary D. Fowler                                         James P. Goodman  
                    Mrs. Joseph R. Gray                                Miriam T. Hickman                                   
                    Frances Hunter                                         Sidney J. Roche, Sr.
                    Elizabeth R. Spencer                                Charles Townsend
                    LaFay Gowan                                             Dr. John Crowley
                                    and many others too numerous to name.

    The Huxford Genealogical Society, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Corporation.  All donations are tax deductible and much appreciated.
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